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Bottom Six-Axis Robot
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Bottom Six-Axis Robot
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Each Kuka robot has a control panel (KCP) with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels and a 6D integrated mouse. By manipulating the mouse, the movement of the robot arm can be controlled. The location of the robot can be stored in real time (TouchUp). Functions, modules and all corresponding data lists can also be created and compiled through it. Series. To control manually, a switch on the back of the control panel (KCP) must be turned on (which is now used only for tight braking). Connected to the control panel and system is a VGA interface and CAN bus. An industrial computer in the control cabinet communicates with the robot system through the MFC card. The control signal between the manipulator arm and the control panel is transmitted via DSE-RDW. The DSE card is in the control cabinet and the RDW card is in the robot base. The old KRC1 control panel used Windows 95 operating system software. Peripheral devices pack a CD-ROM and disk drive; Ethernet, Profibus, Internet bus, Devicenet and ASI sockets are also available. The new KRC4 control panel uses Windows XP operating system, including a CD-ROM driver and a USB port, an Ethernet interface and an optional interface for Profibus, Interbus, DeviceNet or Profinet. Most robots are orange (RAL 2003) or black, the former clearly represents the company's main color. Kuka robots can be used for material handling, processing, stacking, spot welding and arc welding, involving automation, metal processing, food and plastic industries.

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