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77GHz Millimeter Wave Radar
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77GHz Millimeter Wave Radar
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Introduction of 77 GHz Millimeter Wave Radar

The product has strong detection performance against international advanced millimeter wave radar technology. The maximum detection distance for vehicles exceeds 200 m, the frequency bandwidth reaches 4 GHz, and the detection accuracy is very high. The system adopts multi-channel RF/digital integrated design, multi-model work, and a radar takes into account the needs of long-range and near-range target detection. It breaks through the difficulties of signal processing algorithm of space-time-frequency multi-dimensional joint detection and intelligent clutter rule technology based on multi-dimensional signal characteristics, and makes the detection of various road targets more accurate. Reliable. Combining multi-hypothesis model adaptive tracking technology of target maneuvering, the ability of accurately estimating and tracking various targets in complex road scenes can be realized, and the driving safety can be guaranteed in all respects.)

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